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Friends, I'm honored to present you with this copy of Visions of Prosetry. This is a Collector's Edition, filled with Cultures of Prose, Poetry, short stories, a suspense-thriller mixed with Romance and Fantasy. These compositions are based on truth and fiction, which makes the very nature of the characters come to life. These literatures are that of life experiences, whether of mine or that of others. I hope you enjoy reading this book and see the very art, the different fabrics, the painted colors used on each canvas, called the pages of my soul. This book is for you.

Itm: 001-246 | GTIN# 7-94094733752
What is great about this book is that most of the story-lines continue in my book "Dark Haze-The Island". This book is personal to me as it relates to everything I have been through or experienced in my life since I began seriously recording my feelings in the form of short-story prose and poetry and interweaving them into the characters in the book. So in a sense this book is mixed with truth and fiction. I will leave it up to you (the reader) to sought out which part is fact (LOL!). I also did the same mixing of style (truth and fiction) in the book "Dark Haze-The Island" as it relates to my own life growing up. You will be surprised to read what these eyes have seen and ears have heard, so be sure to check that book out to, especially if you are into paranormal activities and spiritual realms.


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Chyrel J. J.

3 months ago

Prepare for the Quarantine Read of Your Life!!!

Every now and again as an avid reader we come across a volume of work so incredibly wonderful it takes a few days to come down from the thrilling high that overtakes our senses. I just read Author Vèè Nelly's Visions of Prosetry. On the whole this book was extremely entertaining. There is definitely something in here for everyone. These short stories were like spending a day at Six Flaggs on the largest, most exciting Roller Coaster. You never knew when the turn, the upside down, heart stopping drop was coming. That is what Nelly's story telling was like. At moments it was very endearing and tender. Just when your heartstrings were pulled, don't get too comfortable. The pace is going to change and your looking in the face of an unfaithful husband and an unanticipated murder. From Beauty contestant and pagent winners to murder. Every single page and short story took the reader on a different twist and turn.
Each story was more suspenseful than the one that preceded it. I was most impressed with Nelly's ability as a man to really accurately develop female character's mindsets and feminine sensibilities. Nelly was unbelievable. Strong story telling. Masterful character development and as previously stated incredibly interesting. Prepare to be taken on the most thrilling short story narratives of your life. I will read this many many times in the months and days to come. We're still homebound in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Nelly's Visions of Prosetry definitely took your mind off Quarantine and delivered superior story telling. This is a 5-Star rated read and highly recommended. ( Review)

Arite S.

3 months ago Review

Visions of Prosetry by Vee Nelly is a colourful collection of short stories and poetry. Nelly combines these forms of storytelling to weave an illustrative tale of life and love. Readers can expect to be enchanted by an assortment of stories that include romance, fantasy, supernatural, and even thrillers. This book is a relatively short read, and the prose is expressed poetically. This means that the book can also provide a good introduction to readers who wish to start reading poetry, or prose that is slightly more artistic.

My favourite aspect of the collection was the author’s use of the poems to uplift women. One poem, in particular, spoke to how women can see themselves as a priceless jewel, perfectly crafted by God. This was one of my favourite pieces in the book because I enjoyed the imagery and the sentiment behind the words. I also enjoyed the overall flow and structure of the book. Some of the stories were separated into parts and continued later in the book. I found that this only added to the suspense and the general flow of the book.

The only aspect that I found negative was the common mistakes that I found in the text. Besides this, I found nothing that I disliked about the book, and I found the stories to be entertaining, and the poetry to be authentic.

I give Visions of Prosetry a 3 out of 4 stars rating. The text was delivered artistically, and I felt that this conveyed the author’s views and ideas expressively. I removed a star because I believe the errors that I noticed in the book would have been picked up through professional editing. I found the book to be poignant and quite entertaining. Some stories draw inspiration from real-life situations, and others use the imagination of the author. I find that this helps to keep the reader enthralled.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading short stories and poetry. The book mainly consists of short stories and a smaller proportion of poetry, so even readers who do not usually read poetry will be able to enjoy it. This book contains sexually suggestive passages and so I would not recommend this book to younger readers or anyone offended by that. The subject matter touches on matters such as abusive relationships, affairs, which makes this book better suited for an older audience. (12-Jun-2021 /

Katrina Black B.

3 months ago

Excellent Book!

This book has a lot of variety poems and stories in that will take you on an emotional journey. It's well written and has very compelling stories. I like how the author explain the story behind the poems. I can tell the author put a lot of thought behind each poem and story. I would definitely recommend.


3 months ago

Highly Recommended!

Purchased (6) books for myself and friends from the K.P. Bookstore and the process was simple and fast. Received my books within the week. The stories, prose, and poetry were indeed at times emotional, funny, raw, thoughtful, and mesmerizing. I love everything about the books as soon as I unwrapped the package. The covers were so breathtaking and captivating! Great Job on the design. My purchase was worth every penny. The book is easy to read and well formatted. Couldn't put it town. I'm not even finish with the book yet but from what I read so far it's a 5-Star all the way! Thanks Vee! This is a 5-Star rated read and highly recommended."


3 months ago

A True Embodiment of Literature

... a true embodiment of Literature with some elements of truth and fiction which helps a reader develop the Imagery or Vivid Imagination of the contents in the book. The book encompasses Themes of Romance, Suspense, Crime, Supernatural, Fantasy, etc. As an African and English Literature connoisseur, I deem it fit to commend the Brobdingnagian Author of this book for Coming up with such a fascinating content. It is indeed a wonderful work. It's words are well structured and his style of writing are no doubt Superfluous and one of a kind... His style of writing differs from other African and English writers, they're well paragraphed and well structured with some Morphological and Syntactical use. ...indeed a very fascinating piece and mindbogglingly in nature.
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